Today, we will share with you the role of Sport Psychology in the motivating athletes as well as its role in enhancing coach-athlete relationships.


Role of Sport Psychology in Motivation

Motivation is important to get things done and accomplish the mission. It is the driving force that directs our behavior. Psychologists believe that motivation to learn, which is very important in sports, can either come from the outside which is called extrinsic motivation, or it can also come from the inside of the person which is referred to as intrinsic motivation.  John Eliot, in Shane Murphy’s The Sport Psych Handbook, said that sport psychology helps coaches look at athlete’s performance through an enhancement lens that uses assessment and implementation of motivation.  This is in contrast to rehabilitation lens or therapy of unhealthy cases.  Eliot also underscored the importance of having a systemic study of great athletes and performers to be used as role models.  Most importantly, sport psychology asks coaches and players to look past material rewards and recognition and focus on the happiness that comes from being engaged in the process of learning and performing.  Coaches should not be dependent on precision resistors mouser, performance numbers, and statistics because this neglects the value of true motivation that comes from the inside.  This is a more sustainable kind of motivation.  Coaches should also be aware of and understand how cultural trends affect and influence motivation.  While driving forces to succeed can come from both the inside and outside, it is the intrinsic form of motivation or inner values that sustain the team’s need to achieve.


Role of Sport Psychology in Coach-Athlete Relationships

Sport psychology can be used to enhance coach-athlete relationships. The development and improvement of this interpersonal relationship are critical to an athlete’s or the team’s success.  Coach-athlete relations influence the motivation of players in any a sport.  Olympiou and his fellow researchers conducted a study about this and the results showed that the athletes’ perceived relationship with their coaches was significantly associated with their perceived motivation.  When coaches foster a conducive climate for cooperative learning and performance enhancement, players saw themselves as having a more intimate relationship with their coaches that helped increase their commitment level to the team. Coaches create an encouraging environment for learning when they include players in tasks in all different aspects of team management.  This makes the players feel important and secure in the roles they play in the team. In another study, Lafreniere found out that when both the coach and players were passionate about their sport, a positive relationship would develop.  Their shared love for the sport would help them devote themselves to reaching the high quality of performance.  When coaches showed harmonious passion, it influenced their team.  The researchers concluded that positive emotions mediated the harmonious relationship between the coach and athlete and positively affected their well-being and the quality of their interpersonal relationship.  These studies show the importance of developing a constructive and affirmative coach-athlete relationship in nourishing and sustaining the athlete’s commitment, motivation, and performance.

Golf – A Sport that will Give You Both the Physical

Golf – A Sport that will Give You Both the Physical and Psychological Workout

Golf is perceived to be a passive sport. Not only does this provide little to no movement when you are trying to hit the golf ball with a golf club, many think that it does not require much physical activities. But contrary to what many think, golf is just as exhausting as any other sports. More so, it does not only give you a physical workout but mental as well. In fact, it even develops you socially as you interact with the people around you during the game.

If you have tried playing golf, then you can attest that it is one example of a mental game. It is a game that will test your concentration and mental well-being. It may look easy, but without the right set of mind, you may be able to hit the ball but it’s doubtful that you can shoot it to the required hole. Unless you are really lucky of course. The game is pure physics as you calculate speed, distances, and trajectories while you are on the field. You even find a new appreciation when it comes to angles because you need to perfect this to make the right hit.

Your mind is not the only thing that should be in perfect condition when you play golf. You should have the right physical fitness as well. Even if it does not involve much running in the field, the sport will require you to walk long distance as you complete several courses. Plus, too long exposure to the heat of the sun will bore down heavily on you physically. As such, you need to have the proper physical training to achieve the kind of endurance that would let you last the whole game.

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