Take time to read this page to see what our clients are most curious about. May this serve also as a guide to you in checking out the products and services we offer.

Do you have a different training program for beginners and for those with experience already?

Yes. We do. We understand that the individuals who enroll in our program have different skills. As such, we also make sure that they receive the proper training they need. We have different training programs which depend on the knowledge an individual already has. We have programs for beginners, intermediate, and experts. It is our trainers who classify them accordingly upon their enrollment.

Does your program have an age limit?

No, it doesn’t. You can join our camp no matter how old you are. In fact, the younger the better so you can start early. This will give you an edge especially if you want to make a career out of it in the future.

Can we get training online?

We do understand that there are people who do not always have the time to just up and come to the training camp at regular hours. As such, we made sure that they still have access to the programs we offer. This is by availing our coaching online. We are going to give you’re the particulars when you are already enrolled but this includes a lot of over the video chatting. Our coaches will guide you on the how’s by monitoring you through a remote screen. They will give comments on your stance as they check out your form over the videos and pictures you are going to send. They are going to give you recommendations also and techniques in how you can improve for the better. You can schedule actual training whenever you are available.