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Benny, 27

The golf course they have at Bobby Abley is really one of the best things I’ve seen in the States. They have clubs you can rent on the duration of your training which is a good thing since you do not need to make an investment yet on something that you may not be able to use long term. These clubs would also give you a feel for what’s the right brand and weight for you so you won’t make any mistakes.

Arnee, 35

I come to Bobby Abley every weekend. I am no professional but I find golf very relaxing. It removes all the day’s worry and helps keep the stress at bay. Ronald, my instructor is very friendly. He taught me techniques to improve my skills which makes me a person to beat during fun shoots. The best thing about this is that they have other facilities where you can eat great dishes after being out on the field the whole game. Just remembering the taste of their pasta dishes there makes me want to go back again soon. This is one of the best recreational areas in Milwaukee.

Bonnie, 16

I play golf ever since I was 7. It was the only sport I enjoyed playing. Believe me, I tried, but others just do not interest me. Because of this, my mom enrolled me in several golf training programs already. They were fun, yes. But only Bobby Abley was able to make the sports so much more enjoyable to me. Now, this place has now become my chosen training camp.